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ECO RFID highlighted as the first sustainable RFID tag by EECC

The European EPC Competence Center (EECC) has released its annual UHF Tag Performance Survey (UTPS) validating RFID tag models available in the market. The study is targeted at experts, and it is considered the most important and comprehensive source of data for deployment of UHF RFID tags. This year the study focused on circular economy and sustainability in day-to-day processes.

The newly released report highlights Stora Enso’s ECO RFID tags as the first sustainable alternative in the market. A selection of our ECO RFID tags were measured in the study with excellent results.

The ECO RFID tag technology enables RFID tags to be produced on 100% renewable paper label, without the plastic layers or harmful chemicals found in traditional tags. This makes the tags recyclable and renewable. The ECO labels are RAIN RFID certified and meet all relevant industry standards, while being cost neutral.

Learn more about the ECO technology here.

Click here to download the EECC press release.

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