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High customer satisfaction results and expanding global distribution marked the start of ECO RFID’s 3rd year on the market

ECO RFID Tag Technology by Stora Enso was first introduced in late 2018. Today, in fashion and apparel alone, ECO RFID has been qualified and taken into use by 20 leading brand-owners and 10 top-tier services bureaus globally.

Stora Enso is committed to the development of products and technologies based on renewable materials. Building on this commitment, Stora Enso was the first company to introduce a 100% plastic-free RFID tag with reliability and scale to the market a little over two years ago. Still to date, ECO RFID is the only known technology providing proven biodegradability. The patented technology allows printing of an RFID label to a renewable paper, without plastic layers and harmful chemicals used in traditional inlay manufacturing processes.

Since the release, the distribution of the ECO RFID tags has grown substantially and today the global distribution network covers both the Americas and the Afro-Eurasia region. The performant and reliable tags are available in high-volumes and used in a variety of industries ranging from retail apparel and food to logistics and specialty use cases, such as pulping.

ECO RFID also received extremely positive results on a customer satisfaction survey executed in late 2020. Customers highlighted especially the sustainability, reliability, and quality of ECO RFID tags, the quality of customer service, and the level of expertise and support received from Stora Enso.

“Our customer base and the increasing interest from top global brand owners have shown that the shift toward sustainable RFID is here. This was also noted in the recent RAIN Alliance report, which highlighted sustainable RFID as a key growth area for the coming two years. We look forward to driving the change with ECO RFID as the pioneering technology enabling the transition to green RFID” says Ville Voipio, Head of Sales and Marketing at Stora Enso Intelligent Packaging.

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